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Cement wind perfume bottles or see it - for the first time packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Cement wind of perfume bottles is the first time to see New York's biggest charm is often can let a person have a feeling: Empire State of Mind ~ the concrete reinforced concrete city motivate countless young people have the American dream. Recently sichuan long bao ling the latest version of the name is 'Concrete' perfume, inspiration is come from New York. Antonym is a word literal translation is the meaning of the Concrete. Concrete the bottles of perfume bottle of this kind of Concrete is the most amazing perfume bottles, the bottle is made of cement, so tough packaging easily memorable. After the familiar perfume bottles, ms both men perfume bottles and perfume bottles, glass, just different color shape. Concrete perfume conference COMME des GAR? ONS in brooklyn, New York has released the new perfume, and the whole to decorate also became a experience space, the overall style and the theme of the perfume itself, but after open, the Concrete advocate the sandalwood flavor will bring another to experience again. COMME des GAR? ONS perfume line creative director of the Christian Astuguevieille also said, hope that through tough bottles and soft aroma, to form a memorable contrast. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, perfume, food has been one of our main products, if you have any demand, welcome to visit our website or contact us!
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