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Card le than the snacks backpack can hold 24 Jagariko fries - box packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Card le than the snacks backpack can hold 24 box Jagariko fries 'snack packs' recently in Japan and South Korea young women and young children, are forming a boom. This will be all kinds of snacks spliced together, make it a backpack out of the street, the first launched from South Korea. Then quickly between girls in Japan. Hungry can tear open a bag to eat at any time, in their eyes than luxury brand package. Japan and South Korea popular snack packs the fashion trend card le than potato chips Calbee going then launched an updated version of snacks backpack. Le than snacks backpack color is soft of soft girl of powder, the shape is its classic French fries Jagariko packaging shape, like a big drum - — Volume is 100 times the normal packaging. Card le than snacks backpack that special can run away from home than Japan's package Anello much bigger. Backpack by test can put down the box 24 Jagariko fries, bag bag is also close to design the two black outer pocket, each just can plug into a box Jagariko, convenient young man walked on the way to eat. Card le than snacks knapsack it is said to be in order to promote the global sale on June 19th butter flavor of chips. 500 global limited, also can only through Twitter selected, can't buy also can only see the luck. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, set design production and sales into an organic whole, if you have a good bag, also welcome to share with us ~
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