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Can you get rid of the crisis of confidence - samsung S8 series packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Samsung S8 series can you get rid of the crisis of confidence in the nokia phones opinionated don't lose the market, to change apple and samsung seize the moment to launch a touch screen mobile phone, and positioning in the high-end market. Bombings but because most of its mobile phones and let samsung once into a trust crisis, are still not free. Galaxy S83 29 night flagship samsung released a new generation of mobile phone samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, this two phones using the samsung hyperboloid screen design, the design can be expanded to multiple screen space mission, operation more convenient. As for public phones now have Home button, the S8 cancel it instead USES sensors, this sensor can pressure adjustment according to the multiple unlock way, because of considering the user's fingerprint unlocking habit, S8 the replacement in the Home button at the same time, set the fingerprint unlock put by mobile phone on the back of the camera, it will take some time for new users to adapt to this change. Galaxy S8 samsung S8 series of innovation may attract a part of the consumer, but because of the shadow of the samsung mobile phone before the explosion, estimated that many people still doubt the safety of samsung, and domestic mobile phone brands such as millet, VIVO now both in design and function has been greatly improved, share the samsung mobile phone market, whether the S8 can help samsung back to phone high-end market is still uncertain. For brand small defects will bring very bad influence, such as quality, packaging, design, and so on. Samsung mobile phone business can restore vitality, and not just to look at the new increase of the S8 series of design and technology elements, return to mobile phone market, the design of the packaging is also very important, this time on product do custom box is a very important thing!
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