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Can understand the use of waste is a green - indeed packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
He is a good environmental protection can understand the use of waste want to ask you what is green? Have you had anything green? Maybe you can think of is the supermarket on the canvas bag, indeed, this is a way to support environmental protection, but the real to do environmental protection, personal strength is very weak, maybe a lot of enterprise's behavior is the most important thing! In packaging industry, the use of recycling, renewable and reusable materials used is a kind of environmental protection, and know the recycling the waste, is really in contributing to environmental causes, and is far greater than man can do it! Not only the packaging industry, is also very important, but there is another industry that is furniture manufacturing industry, because of the improvement of the overall aesthetic and so on various aspects, the furniture industry for the edge material of wood waste is more and more serious, which abandoned edge material is rubbish. Wood furniture in Taiwan designers Chialing Chang, the wood inherent elements can also be the highlight of furniture. This lets a person associate to the Second of the trunk Nature furniture series is Chang hand picked out a batch of scrap wood, then they like blocks combination. Actually for aesthetic in this matter, we can go to ask, but people who believe in a real aesthetic, will also have their own ideas and thoughts, like this more the beauty of the furniture of environmental protection, also must be acceptable. Like green canvas bag, at first you don't accept to the common masses are now started to accept such a beauty, a beauty from inside to give off!
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