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Can play with potato chips packaging allows you to taste a variety of tastes - at a time packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Can play with potato chips packing make you a taste of a variety of flavors do you have any open a bag or a can of potato chips after I couldn't stop, final breath eat? Recently, The British grocery magazine The Grocer invited creative company Hornall Anderson design to control quantity of snack food packaging, Hornall Anderson's design director gareth Bauer ( Gareth Ball) The final design out of the Twistd ( 'Once the rotation, twist twist') 。 Twistd chips Twistd brand the concept of each kind of snack by four is equipped with a small amount of puffed food, different ( Salty potato chips, tortilla, snacks and chips) Small cans, as long as gently twist can change for the design characters according to taste. Twistd chips on the package of illustrations are ghost horse whimsy, easily at the grocery store. Twistd chips at the top of the switch is the unity of a four seasoning cans, consumers simply unscrewed, add seasoning is free, a total of four different flavors: sea salt and algae; Barbecue and honey; Pepper and chocolate; Cheddar cheese and stilton. This interesting compartment can let the consumer more the blend of snacks and interesting taste together, form a unique and novel combinations. The whole process of fun. Twistd chips such packaging is sounds fun and interesting, can meet the needs of the diners one-off experience a variety of tastes. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, also produces a lot of cylindrical high-grade packaging, interested friends, may wish to contact us!
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