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Can adjust the temperature of the smart clothes are interested in, please packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Can adjust the temperature of smart clothes have any interest in the cold winter, most of us will be in three outer layer wrapped himself, to resist the invasion of wind, imagine, if there is a special case at this moment, there is a thin can adjust temperature clothes in front of you, put on it is not only warm warm light, heart? In the recently held meeting of the American chemical society, the American army's natick soldier research center said they are investigating a technology, clothing of fine silver nanowires technology, can realize the temperature control on the ordinary fabric and let you get rid of the bondage of bloated clothes in cold winter. Can regulate the temperature of the clothing inspired by Stanford university researcher Yi Cui, the army's natick soldier research center researchers began to study fine silver nanowires optimization technology, in ordinary fabrics such as cotton or polyester coated with thin silver nanowires on coating, only a few volts of electricity can produce a lot of heat. They also are developing a control system, can let the soldiers manual control temperature. Fine silver nanowires coating not only won't change the fabric flexibility, but also by the detergent test. Now they have fine silver nanowires with optimized coating fabric made gloves, will soon be applied to the clothes. 'We found that if we treated fabric connection to a battery or power supply, we can increase the temperature of the material to 110 degrees, it is a huge change'. Fine silver nanowires coated fabric to make gloves this fully demonstrates the potential of cloth, volts, electricity can only to heat up, only a watch battery volts, electrical power. 'But volts, electric heating is 1 inch by 1 inch fabric needs energy, if a set of clothes, need more power, this time the battery has become a heavy burden. But research center is working with other agencies of colleges and universities, the development of a few of the weight of stretching to the battery, if the stretchable battery development success, believe that soon fine silver nanowires coating clothes will promote to the market. Packaging as a professional clothing custom package, for this technology is also very much looking forward to, every kind of the invention and application of new technology on behalf of humans and a big step forward, believe in the future one day, the new technology of clothing into the market, clothing box is also remarkable and expectation.
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