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Bvlgari brand introduction - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Bvlgari brand introduction in 1879, Mr. Emperor Leo, bulgari family immigration to Naples in Italy, in Rome in 1884, he opened a silverware shops, specialized sell carving of fine silver. The Italian bulgari, tiffany is the Cartier of the French and the United States after the world's third largest jewelry brand. Bulgari essence for color design in jewelry production, unique in many different gem of color combinations, then use different material base, to highlight dazzling color gems. Bvlgari bracelet since the 1940 s, bulgari into diversified development stage, introduced a nice wrist watch as a fashion accessory, and cooperate with the jewelry, silver series, three line development. After the world war ii, in order to meet the people diverse life demand, bulgari make persistent efforts, the high-quality goods expanded to glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain, and other products. But even today, bulgari still keep production workshop form, which makes his works both the exquisite workmanship, and profound artistic breath, has a high collection value. Bvlgari perfume the combination of classical Greece and Rome, and of Italian art, make the unique style of bulgari product. Its colour collocation art time 4 excessive, dazzling and dazzing, alternating deducing the vogue and elegance. Over the years, bulgari product fans both members of the royal family, celebrities, politicians, film and television star, also have a successful career of the middle class. Italian actress Sophia loren had served as bulgari jewelry. Since 1970, bulgari to speed up the pace to enter the international market. During this period, New York, Paris, Geneva and monte carlo bulgari high-quality goods stores have opened the world's metropolis. Today, bulgari is nearly 160 home boutique in the whole world, is the world's one of the top ten fashion group. The Italian brand through the efforts of the four generations, has been the hallmark of a refined, sophisticated life taste. It is a standard form of top Italian high-quality goods, all kinds of fashion at the annual rankings, have firmly global famous brand jinbang. Packaging as Shanghai custom box professional manufacturers, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, for building consumer satisfaction packaging artwork.
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