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by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Bring you feelings of national environmental protection packing bag 'amorous feelings' ( On) For the concept of environmental protection bags from the supermarket next to the checkout counter selling hard bag starts, but in a foreign country, environmental protection bag is very popular, many designers strive to design all kinds of environmental protection bags, follow the below small make up together and see it! Germany nautiloop fashion shopping bag when not in shopping bags can be drawn into the disc of the size of the palm, convenient to carry, light and lovely; When using, smoked pull gently, instantaneous stretching. Design is not unique! To receive 5 litres of space, high density nylon material, fully meet the daily shopping needs, single shoulder strap design, back on the streets make you second shopping talent; Outdoor travel is also cool. French Yves Rocher environmental protection shopping bag of France is a romantic country, some people say that may even park bum is a designer. The shopping bag looks fabrics using waterproof fabrics, nylon fabric, with Velcro seal at the same time. After an area of 44 centimeters X37 centimeters, can be folded into small pieces before shopping, convenient to carry. Is pink, with a flourishing design, simple and beautiful, and elegant, and was deeply loved by his female friends. Britain Toppers original ecological environmental protection shopping bag since the ancient times is a hobby of national environmental protection, the environmental protection bag adopts the raw cotton and linen, without tie-dye, there were yellow seed bead, the above seems to be simple and easy. Bag of 39 cm wide, bag of 37 cm high, many new mommy all like this one, carry out is enough to put the baby bottles, diapers, etc. Next time we will continue to appreciate in Italy, the United States and other countries the design feels dye-in-the-wood environmental protection bag, not only environmental protection bag, there are many different styles, interested friends continue to pay attention to cough up!
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