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Break the formulation design of traditional Chinese medicine packaging - Save the traditional - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Break the formulation design of traditional Chinese medicine packaging - To restore the traditional believe everyone can identify drug packaging, because it has become formulation, no innovation design. Although to some extent, the formulation of drug packaging design can efficiently send 'medicine' of information, but for rejection patients to take medicine, this kind of packing is too cold. Singapore graphic designer Chistina Wong for a gradual disappearance of traditional - — Traditional Chinese medicine, to do the packing design, make its more satisfy the audience of 2050. She wants to put the reintroduction of traditional Chinese medicine as a way of life, but also as a convenient medical solutions, busy working adults in 2050 provides a convenient medical solutions. Chinese medicine packaging for audience to carry on the design of 'the subject in 2050, Wong boldly about traditional Chinese medicine created a set of product packaging and instruction manual is full of fashionable feeling. A complete set of products including against cold tablets, ease the physical pain of tea bags, anti-fatigue liquid - — In her imagination, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in 2050 will appear in the form of a more daily in the life of people - — So, you can see closely related to efficacy illustrations on the packaging, the use of color is also very lively and bright. Now people's life rhythm faster and faster, many of the traditional facing the crisis of losing, want will gradually disappear of traditional popular again, is the need for professional custom box, only to do the packaging more accord with people's aesthetic standard now, to get back to the attention of consumers, to restore the traditional.
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