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Brazil Skol beer 'farewell sexy' packaging - using skin color packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Brazil Skol beer say goodbye 'sexy' using color packaging Brazil Skol beer is the world's third beer brand, its advertising creativity has long been used as a classic marketing case. Skol used to use sexy belle to advertise, but recently it seems to be intentionally abort sexy marketing label, first before advertising the ladies put on clothes, has now launched a different color of skin of canned beer. Brazilian beer Skol beer Skol the six different color of skin is a kind of to convey to illustrate its brand culture of inclusiveness and diversity of values. Brazil Skol beer advertising in the different color of skin of actors passing each other different colors of canned beer, not just in virtually show Skol beer in people's life existence in a relationship, and advertising use different color of skin actor is virtually added humanities, rely on sexy shallow out of their past. Brazilian beer Skol by packaging sexy beauty to be sexy brand marketing, it is largely in catering to the male consumers. Brazil recently Skol beer not only sexy girls put on clothes and even replaced by multiple color packaging, Skol this kind of practice is in reshaping its brand value and brand image. Packaging to some extent determines the public's perception of the brand image, as a professional handbag manufacturer, has been also undertake brand packaging customization service, if you also need to change color for the brand, is a good choice!
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