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Bold packaging! Put Bob dylan poetry in potato chips bag sell - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Bold packaging! Put Bob dylan poetry in potato chips bag sell about Bob dylan, you might first think of is the identity of his Nobel Prize winner, actually he is not only a literary youth in the United States, especially in the 20th century, the most important and most influential American folk singer. It's a pity that at home, he is just as a small representative of all the music. Bob dylan poetry he once said, I think I'm a poet, and then a musician. I live like a poet, died also was a poet. 'But it is such a talented poet, can you imagine his poetry from a potato chips bag take out? Potato chips packing of new itself has designed the poem collection 'Bob dylan ( 1961 - 2012). Of packaging, the overall style as the British potato chips Tyrrells black-and-white photos of packing, also with the pocket design. A total of 8 volumes of poetry, restoring ancient ways is placed in a small suitcase. Potato chips packing of poetry, was the first time I heard! 吗? Distance, like eight different flavors of potato chips. Some people think that the literature of poetry to make potato chips packing, it's too serious. 'Sensationalist', 'excessive packaging', the voice is heard. New itself, says so, and also hope that a bag of poetry like potato chips from bookstore took to the streets, from the towards the crowd, appeared in the subway, convenience stores, automatic vending machine, extends into every life scenes. Top priority, the book is sent to the hands of young people. As a professional packaging packaging customization enterprise, think that young people to popularize Bob dylan is a very good try, not words, called books is the best of the human spiritual sustenance, since the same food, can also be common that packaging?
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