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Black and white with toothbrush packaging - simple and environmental protection packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Black and white with toothbrush packaging simple and green toothbrush packaging that we see in daily life is just a simple layer of plastic packaging, even some expensive electric toothbrush just have one more carton, corny, consumers not to associate it with elements such as design, environmental protection. Environmental toothbrush packaging French artist Simon Laliberte developed a green toothbrush packaging, this kind of packing material is completely made up by soluble materials, packaging graphic design is a simple triangular body, white box body, with black letters, one black and one white, set each other off becomes an interest, modelling novel and interactive, users only need to put it in the water, the whole packaging products will instantly dissolves in water, truly green packaging. Environmental protection toothbrush packaging which we do environmental protection bag manufacturers, on the basis of the guarantee environmental protection, modelling is actually don't need how complex, how changeable, intention to do packing, simple also can yet be regarded as another kind of beauty!
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