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Black and white hand packing of seed milk, would you like to pay? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Black and white hand packing of seed milk, would you like to pay? Mention that we've all grown up with the old brand, can be not flourishing son milk, this only stupid of wang zhen wang from Taiwan yilan, has been with us through more than 20 years. From the family banquet table to school classrooms on the desk, whether canned or bottled, mong tsai has always been a big red. Black and white hand packing mong tsai milk recently heard that black and white hand-painted mong tsai fire, not because of its rich taste, but because of its packaging turned white, mong tsai also turned into a black and white hand, looks like a bear children. Graffiti in yours figure of black and white packaging mong tsai milk inspired the creation of universal Internet users, Internet users @ don't call me to play the game themselves bought a case of black and white, thick mong tsai, with 11 of box of painting a picture 'in your family ( Flourishing 冚) ”。 Real graffiti is a technology which is strong ~ ~ ~ the flourishing your family picture of graffiti also attracted want want group chief operating officer of @ Matt mong home's attention, he also forwarded on the social platform. When a mayday mong tsai milk but with the deepening of the brand image, netizens also spontaneously take mong tsai engaging in creation. March 29 this year with a mayday into the 20th anniversary, brand tap powder @ the sphincter of monster mong tsai spell face, made into five band members, the same expression, different hair, let a person see in stitches. Mong tsai milk behind these actions in packing and so on, all because of mong tsai group declining revenue and profits. As mengniu, yili QQ rise of stars, future mong tsai once the company grew up after 8090 brand has slowly fade out the line of sight of people. Now mong tsai change, not the same hand draw the packaging of the wind, you are willing to pay for it? Packaging, as a professional packaging customization enterprise for mong tsai change action said understand, after all, more than 20 years have passed, now China has entered the Internet era, black and white hand wind packaging believe that can attract more consumers, also easy to caused heated debate on the social platform.
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