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Beer packaging is always so soil - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Beer packing is always said to beer, we think about basic it is big in terms of the logo, then is the color of the brand spread the whole body, then there is a variety of ingredients, the date of production yapping! What no design to speak of, but today to bring you a special beer packing! Taiwan beer packing the beer today's leading role, this is Taiwan beer in the past Christmas 2016 launched a qualified beer, using red nose of the image of the snowman as its main representative, make the whole bottle half were covered with this cute little guy, another part is done with Taiwan beer in the original design. Traditional and innovative design moment are popular with many people, even many people on their ins drying out the Taiwan beer. Ins on Taiwan beer many consumers have found that the one hundred - year - old beer company is becoming more and more young. It's hard to imagine that, in less than 20 years ago, that the beer company for advertising and marketing for the first time, at that time Taiwan beer consumer groups are mainly men and women over the age of 40. At once, the Taiwan beer has become a hot young people choose beer options. When you decide your consumer crowd, you need to change from the inside out, from the product packaging, the product itself. If you also want to change your packaging, packaging boxes of custom services may be you good choice!
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