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Beam is used to record the time clock - 'Trace' packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Beam is used to record the 'Trace' of time clock in everyone's impression, what time is the memory! Some people to describe in words, some people use the picture to show, with the development of science and technology, voice and electronic image is the carrier of perfect recording time. Today to introduce a creative clock, clock Trace. The clock in its unique way to describe the arrival of the time and passing. The Trace clock Trace clock is STUDIO AYASKAN, also won the 2016 lexus design award. Clock by ultraviolet light emitting devices, and is equipped with uv light sensitive liquid in the center of the face of two parts, the traditional clock pointer into beam, beam as a pointer from the clock face, on the clock face there will be the color of the gradient, beam leave, beam across the clockface will gradually become more transparent. Everyone in the life all have become accustomed to using a mobile phone to see time, has not the habit of use for clocks and watches, but the Trace of this creative clock completely break everyone's perception of the traditional clock, it not only can hang on the wall as a decoration, but also because of its own beam pointer across the gradient traces to remind us cherish the time. Break our clock with text, images, sound recording time, such as special modelling. Product updates, also has the very high request for packing, packaging customization can break through the traditional public cognition to the old products, to lead the people to pay attention to new products.
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