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Bag material is introduced packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Bag material is introduced bag is in daily life to common but things, such as the theory is to go out shopping, or relatives and gifts, handbags have played an indispensable role, as people for the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, more and more people begin to refuse to use plastic bags, and use carrier bags this renewable resource, will not bring impact to the environment. And then introduce some, those related to our life of laptop bag exactly what material. Carrier bags material mainly include kraft paper, coated paper, cardboard, art paper, also known as ( Specialty paper) Paper, pearl paper, tactility, virgin pulp paper & # 8230; See the longest of carrier bags will belong to kraft paper, kraft paper, hot-pressing has good elasticity, the steady heat transfer performance, low cost. More and more food industry use kraft paper for packaging. I believe you are met, some take-out merchants in the room when there are more and more use of cow leather bag. Fashionable tasteful, also can have the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the color of kraft paper can be divided into cow leather, white leather, red leather & # 8230; All paper bags - Kraft paper, coated paper makes handbags, characterized by fastness to moderate. As a result of the coated paper with high whiteness and gloss, good printing eligibility, printing color king - Coated paper. Product design can be adopted for all kinds of picture and color piece, advertising effect is good. In coated paper surface after polishing film or after the film, not only has the function of moisture, durable, and appear more delicate. Cardboard as the name implies hardness is greater than the paper less than grey board, has a certain hardness, used to make handbags hardness and stiffness of both, some clothing brand handbags will use white cardboard, printing process on the choice of pure color printing or full four-color printing. Paper mainly is divided into: white cardboard, the black card, color card & # 8230; Sheba du handbag - Black cardboard art paper and specialty paper, paper is a kind of high-grade material, because of the different craft, art paper has unique texture, color shine and texture, by the broad masses of the choice of brand enterprise external publicity, because of its unique characteristics, use art paper bag made by high-end atmosphere, the brand temperament. Runaway garment bag - Paper art paper pearl paper and feel both belong to a special paper material, here together, just as its name implies is similar to the pearl paper pearl luster, especially in the illuminate of lamplight, the light feels dye-in-the-wood, many stores will be in a place with pearl paper shone a light. Relatively, the cost of pearl paper or higher, as well as coated paper, pearl paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided. 海岸, Pearl paper touch paper name can associate to listen to, this paper has a special touch. The material to touch up is similar to the baby's skin smooth. Smooth and delicate, massiness, due to its colour is full, also have congenital advantage in the printing process. Rrada bag - Touch paper virgin pulp paper is under the paper hasn't come out in the condition of the pulp, to join different pigments and produce different color, this kind of paper material tear, inside is also shows that the color of the outside. So use is suitable for gift packaging industry is more and more bright color. Zipper bag - On virgin pulp paper bag paper material is introduced here, just introduce some people here are common materials in the life. According to the different functions and classification of course, the material of bag and there are many such as our domestic unique bag paper, etc. Believe that with the development of science and technology and the needs of the people, bag of paper material will become more and more requirements and change. So the future who can know?
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