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Bag how the enterprises carry out - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Bag how the enterprises carry out how the enterprises carry out? Is a difficult problem. That is to solve. Enterprises carry out bag. First of all, handbag is a business card, is also a kind of tool, a win-win situation, it can help you bring the image of the enterprise to any place of the earth. But there is a premise is you handbag the card's quality and beautiful degree. First-class paper and craft can only maintain its quality, of course, relatively first-class design is preferable. As a production and sales of the manufacturers. Simple analysis the paper classification, the design of the template and process. — Paper many hot stamping process, really suitable for packaging paper, small hin to points next class. 1, coated paper, coated paper is also called the printing paper coatings, this paper is on the base paper coating a layer of white pulp, made after a calender. Paper surface is smooth, high whiteness, paper uniform fiber distribution, thickness, small scale, has good flexibility and strong water resistance and tensile property, the ink absorbency and receiving state is very good. Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture album, covers, postcards, exquisite samples of the products, and color trademark, etc. 2, grey board is composed of a recycled paper production. Products are divided into single ash, double ash, total ash, belongs to the environmental protection packaging materials. Main application: packing box, advertising board. 3, the art of paper can be applied to high-grade picture album, brochures, high-grade packaging, paper production, high-grade decorative art invitation photography output and personalized photography art exhibition. From the use of perspective can be divided into affordable art paper and art paper collection level. Tclasse garment bag packaging is a set design, printing, production of an integrated bag, gift box production enterprise. Each design we will strictly control, the high-quality goods gradually. Really our positioning, high-end design services. Picked up to our trust, serve you wholeheartedly!
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