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Artistic round fan should have a classic box? - - - - - - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Artistic round fan should have a classic box? There are a number of learning Japanese friends will find Japanese actually with Chinese ancient writings in classical style has a lot of knowledge. In Japanese, there are some use only one word can say understand, while Chinese explanation is not so easy, is one of the typical 'wood leakage れ day', it refers to the gap of down light from leaves. A little similar to the meaning of the dappled light and shadow, Chinese ancient prose 'a ridge hin' inside, GuiYing mottled, the wind shadow move, shan also has a lovely situation the taste. Japan round fan Japanese designer Kotoko Hirata will in this beautiful and delicate words, for inspiration, launched a round fan of the same name. Round fan also called mandarin fan, round silk fan, is a traditional craft and art. The fan is used with a 1500 - year - old ryoma and paper, all in Kyoto handmade by professional job. A round fan don't know how condensed the handle position of originality. Japan round fan made when sunlight through the fan, fan would like to stay under the tree, show the outline of the leaves. In the rhythm of light and shade, can feel the breath of the summer. If as a gift to a loved one, should use a classical case to match? Life rich, don't we went to the gradually make the fan, the use of the older cattail leaf fan exhibition will only become a fashion. When we complain in air conditioning room air conditioning too full, will think of the ancients had light ROM small fan flapping fireflies elegant scene? So round fan is one of the gift is the most classic breath, as a professional custom box packaging enterprise, we also design many classic packing box, such as we had packing box. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!
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