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Apple's first celebrate the Chinese lunar New Year in Chinese New Year pictures as wallpaper - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Apple for the first time in Chinese New Year pictures as wallpaper recently, to celebrate the Chinese lunar New Year, the company cooperate with five young Chinese artists introduced a 'made in the New Year' series of new works, whether the iPhone, tablet, or Mac user, can be directly through the apple's official website to download to these works as a desktop, this is the first in the form of launch wallpaper for apple to celebrate the Chinese lunar New Year. Family reunions and blunt past AD copy is different, the apple directly using the 'lucky', 'family', 'good harvest', 'happiness peace' and 'more than' year after year, the five domestic Chinese vocabulary as a theme for this five apple pictures. Lucky 'the Spring Festival have a wide variety of custom, New Year pictures is one of the typical. For the New Year brings new meaning, which gives the deduction of New Year pictures is different, both inheriting classic, brings refreshing blessing again. 'Apple said his own creative purpose. It also enlightens us handbags manufacturer, year nearly, handbag design can choose typical New Year pictures, but in some pattern on the design style of the novel and chic, inheriting classic and refreshing. In addition, in addition, such as the following, wristwatch, etc, but also introduced five new called iMessage -- sticker, around the theme of the Chinese New Year, let you in the New Year new atmosphere.
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