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Apple iPhone8 cheek is red gold will be the next hot style fashion colour - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Apple iPhone8 cheek is red gold will be the next hot style fashion colour each new iPhone color young will become a global hot topic, with the approaching of the apple fall event this year, after the new color matching the rumors about the iPhone seems to have settled. Whether local tyrants gold or rose gold, in that year has been a wave of mobile color trend, many domestic mobile phone to follow suit, not only in the field of science and technology, in the field of packaging, many manufacturers have also make the color of gift box. In daily life, the color of the products also emerge in endlessly. Color - iPhone8 new cell phone Cheek is red but local tyrants Gold, rose Gold mobile phone also have bad street, color is not restore ancient ways, waste heat also has receded, so conveniently introduced a new color matching apple this year, the official name is 'Blush Gold' ( Cheek is red gold) , a bit like copper, a listen to the name is the new color matching for female consumers. The consumer thinks the new color, although not vulgar, femininity is too strong, some people think that don't conform to the Asian aesthetic, also have consumers think the color is hot eyes. Color - the iPhone new phones Cheek is red gold from the point of consumption data, the people in the frequency of the mobile phone and desire to seem to more and more low, don't know everyone will be for the new color of the iPhone buy it. The Blush of Gold ( Cheek is red gold) , have the potential to drive a new trend, will become the next hot style fashion colour? People naturally have high sensitivity to colour. If the Blush Gold Blush Gold to become the next hot style fashion colour, consumers in daily life at the sight of the cheek is red Gold boxes, handbags and other products.
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