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Analyses the classification of a brown paper bag - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
The classification of the classification of the kraft paper bags of shallow brown paper bag, there are four main kraft paper bag, multilayer kraft paper bag, paper plastic compound bag open pocket, square, square bottom bottom valve pocket, etc. Kraft paper bag rendering kraft paper is the world recognized green paper, kraft paper bag is one of the commonly used bag, generally USES the white leather, classical and generous, tearing resistance, smooth, the price is very high. Used as clothes bag, gift bag is a good choice. Multi-layer kraft paper bags rendering multi-layer kraft paper bags, with two or more than two layers of kraft paper processing, make the pouch, using polyester thread at the bottom of the suture, again using heat sealing paper, heat sealing treatment. Can pick up on paper PP material pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect, also can add the lining of the bag. Environmental health very much. Triad zhisu composite bag rendering triad zhisu composite bag: also called the triad, a brown paper bag is a small bulk containers. Surface for the kraft paper, inside is plastic PP woven cloth, make through high temperature and high pressure plastic particles PP melt, kraft paper and plastic woven cloth composite together, can add lining bag. Have high strength, waterproof, etc. Open the bottom pocket: also calls the end of the pocket. And multi-layer kraft paper bags basic same, use machine made into semi-finished products, after artificial fold bottom processing, into the bottom of the square, using adhesive glue on the bottom, and then to hot air, air to dry processing, etc. Proper sewing the sealing method of the traditional paper center can add a layer of plastic film, used for packaging moistureproof necessary product. The bottom valve pocket: also known as: paste bag, and the bottom open pockets have the same production process, and the bottom valve pocket counterpart department can be processing, at the same time adding bell mouth to mouth, and is used for filling material. Filled in order to convenient, can be punched on the bag body, convenient gas, to prevent the bag. Can add a layer of plastic film, paper center used for packaging moistureproof necessary product. After watching these, don't know about all kinds of kraft paper bag don't have a general understanding, if have what not understand also welcome message to us, oh. Packaging, as a professional handbag manufacturer, looking forward to your inquiry.
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