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All say youth designers is to eat rice, what do you think - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
All say youth designers is to eat rice, what do you think recently said about youth rice, someone said designer in youth meal is a profession. 'Designers really youth rice, please? '' don't stir, you think you are a star oh' small hin recent comparison pay attention to the design, because a product from scratch is inseparable from the designer. Especially our packaging products, packing box, bag, etc. , the shape of the product packaging design, colour collocation, and so on are inseparable from our designer. Design industry have a menstruation, every once in a while, take out will be discussed at a time. Today we talk about the story of the designers. Fun on the network designer Brian. Chase - Reality, chief executive of design in Los Angeles before a startup toilet seats, entrepreneurship by design feed cereal packaging company, after today's billionaire designer. Brian was born in 1981 in New York, university in Rhode Island school of design obtained a bachelor's degree in industrial design. 3 did after graduation went straight to the company as a industrial designer is a real designer. Job soon after he moved to San Francisco, hosted industrial designers conference in San Francisco, the results due to too many hotel is fully booked, it also makes Blair germination of the concept of housing sharing. Who said the designer was useless, can not sell cereal feed company but due to the concept too advanced, an project by most investors, the company was once unable to operate. Later, the things we all know, someone whose raised a big boom of Shared economy, also has become the hot of innovative companies. Packaging & # 8212; Style handbag who said designer in youth meal. Packaging designers follow nearly 20 years, and grow up together, still handsome, how many original from our designers, for example, a style bag. Style handbag was launched in 2015, the original design of a bag, bag body design atmosphere mainly inspired by founder arch during the Renaissance, the colour collocation of the bag body and carrying like nature itself. Secretly tell you: it is said that our designer can also have 20 years of youth.
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