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'Added' noodles - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
'Added material' noodles packing today share a interesting noodles packing, it looks like a rolling pin, and have a lot of materials, from the appearance looks very creative, presumably to eat is also very tasty. SAPORE noodles packing is cylinder type, middle hollow out, can see the raw material of natural noodles, brand label with orange red, to be able to hook up the person's appetite, there is a small transparent bottle packing on each side, with chili sauce. Packaging as a whole looks like a rolling pin, reflects the natural products. SAPORE noodles in addition, packing also highlighted the noodles to use convenient, boil, put into boiling water use packing on own spices and up again, a delicious noodles can eat, is very convenient. The characteristics of packaging design is to show the characteristics of the product, including use features and actually reflects the material characteristics of products. Packing should be creative, don't waste materials, and convenient consumers use, give full play to its role. Professional custom box manufacturer to tell you that our packing, all is well designed.
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