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A product can use four-color printing and color printing at the same time? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
A product can use four-color printing and color printing at the same time? Four-color printing and color printing professionals know that, but not the personage inside course of study is not clear. See a lot of life colorful pictures, paper bag, isn't it the same process can be done? If some product images of both the picture color levels, and has a large area of color, the color level image part can use four color printing, color and large area can use the color printing. The advantage is: four-color printing part by controlling the field density can make the picture properly restored, the base part through proper increase of ink ink uniform thick visual effect can be obtained. This method in the high-end packaging products and stamp printing production often used, but because of chromatic number increase, also makes the printing plate cost. Four-color printing & # 8211; Tranquil clothing box in large area of light color printing in uniform color piece, of course, are usually used in the original ink to add; To allocate the color, light agent in field printing again, such ink layer thick, more easier to get uniform color, the effect of the thick. If a four-color printing process, you must use low percentage of flat screen. But low percentage of flat screen network easily when plate burning caused by poor tiny sand or extraction slightly smaller outlets, individual parts lead to ink unevenness, when printing and easy too much due to the layout of water supply. Accumulated on plate and rubber powder in the paper, paper smoothness low causes small branches of ink transfer. Thus appeared inky becomes shallow and uneven ink. The color printing & # 8211; Tong qu tong zhen gift packaging but consider from the Angle of emergency benefit, basically see the number of color printing process can save overprint. Because can save printing costs, reduce the overprint and prepress production cost can be saved. Small hin simple at this point, the late for a portable paper bag, packing box customized needs can contact me directly, ctrip packaging service for you.
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