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A Japanese apron brand new also brought an apron - on the package packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Japan an apron on the brand new packaging also like they brought an apron of friends, May Day is expected to store clerk the waist with a dark blue cotton canvas bust apron, not strange. Actually this kind of waist aprons, in Japan there is a professional name is hanged before the sail. Recently, a specialized sell this kind of Japanese traditional apron ( Maekake) The company - Anything, for the sake of the Japanese traditional apron sold in the us and the UK market, they brought in the Japanese design company Nosigner redesigned packaging for them. Anything apron wrapping the apron packaging is one of the most special bags joined the apron elements, like a walking billboard, big logo printed on the above, plus Maekake trademark dark blue, let a person see at a glance inside the packaging products are Maekake. Nosigner team designed the apron packaging, use of the material is similar to common in Japan that traditional kraft paper bags, kraft paper, the lower part with two legs, the above is a with the Japanese traditional apron samples of the same color, which sail before hanging, and Mount Fuji, or plutus cat kind of classic design. Anything apron bags hanging from the top bag, top with a known as 'water drink' Japanese traditional lace decoration, to echo the Japanese traditional apron belt. Although this apron packaging is very attractive, but a lot of net friend or ridicule, such apron in below the belt, white shirt, what is the meaning of this? Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, our main product is one of kraft paper bag, we have been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, for building the perfect packaging artwork.
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