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A can of socks, don't miss as a food and beverage oh - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Cans packaging socks, don't miss as a food and beverage, oh you think socks packing is what kind of? Roadside stalls socks is to use transparent plastic bag, better be in the box, the impression of socks won't have any special packing, but it's different this kind of socks, it is made of cans. Robot in Robot Food packaging of Food socks on 'the weather turned cold, night approaching, holiday excitement of our brain nerve, we have a good idea, make a buy gift, pure hand made with love, give you a warm winter'. This slogan to let a person even if I can't see to read product has heart of warmth, with a thick festal atmosphere. Packing for socks made from fancy with cans, pull open the lid more add a layer of surprise. Body with red and white stripe highlights festal atmosphere, logo in black at the bottom, with white printing, in contrast, attract eyeball. If bought for a friend, he may think that this is a can of drink. Novel design will give customers the feeling that find everything new and fresh, let him have a new understanding on the brand, as a special custom package, can always bring a surprise to the customer.
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