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2017 packing design direction - — The structure is more important than good - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
2017 packing design direction - — Structure is more important than good is over 2016, 2017, in the future as a professional bag manufacturer, we have to reflect on the past, look to the future. In 2016, the year did a lot of types of packaging products, but obviously we can find that one thing, it is that more and more people care about packaging structure and practicability, and gradually fade out the tangle on the so-called beautiful. Everyone before packing, will care about how fabric pattern; But with the change of The Times, the public eye more and more broad, and a few years ago, people begin to pay close attention to the packing material, how to make the packaging more simple sense, and in the following days, I feel more and more people pay attention to practical, reasonable structure is more important than beautiful design! Shampoo packing like this shampoo, why the middle narrow, two BianKuan, is want the user to grasp and convenient in use. By the public more and more like the practical design, a practical packaging, can be repeated use; Or can be called home decorations; Or, you can purchase more convenient one-time purchase a variety of products, and can use a bag to carry to go home! So, the packing also want to follow people's vision to progress together, to ensure that in the future would be prepared to make a good packaging to our guest!
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