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2016 Spring Festival. Scalper ticket identification and prevention

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
The 2016 Spring Festival is coming soon. I believe everyone will worry about buying tickets every time like me. The friends who sit in front of the computer and work will be very happy, and the chances of buying tickets will be much higher like those ordinary office workers. It will be very bitter. They know how to use the computer to buy tickets online during their rest time. Sometimes they will do it if they are lucky, but the chances are too small. Older ones who don’t know the computer will either line up all day and night to buy tickets, or just You will be deceived by the scalpers. Now many scalpers sell tickets, mostly at high prices. They are basically fake tickets. This hurts family members who are eager to go home. In order to eliminate and prevent fake tickets, please pay attention:

1. See if the handwriting on the ticket is clear.

2. Touching the genuine ticket feels smooth and smooth, while the fake ticket feels rough and easy to drop ink

3. According to the backlight, see if there is a watermark of the China Railway emblem on the ticket; then check whether there are gaps or cracks in the key points of the departure station and terminal station, driving time and fare.

Comrades who have refunded the ticket should also pay attention. Now, if you change it, you must drive 48 hours before you can refund, otherwise a 10% handling fee will be deducted if it is not for this point. It’s no problem if you have your ID card. You can make up the ticket at the station. If you have already got on the train, you can ask the conductor to check and help you make up the ticket. Ansafe ride home happily for the New Year, take care of yourself when you go out, and all the staff of the packaging wholesaler wish you all a happy family and auspicious year of the monkey.
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