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19 what effect - big end of packaging industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
19 big end have any impact on packaging industry grounding gas acquisition greatly at the 19th victory, packaging industry how to development? How to help enterprises to improve management efficiency, the management system of packaging carton manufacturing. There is a new milestone in the history of 19 big report proposed 'must focus on economic development on the real economy', and to support the development of private enterprises, arouse and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage more social main body in innovative undertaking written into the report. It is a certainty for entrepreneurs, is also a dose of doping, the soil of the private enterprise development in the future will be more fertile, the future will be more brilliant. 19 times the National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the 19th it big with the 'food, clothing, shelter, line' is linked to the printing and packaging enterprises how to revolve around the Internet, big data, Internet of things, transformation and upgrading of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence? Business owners how to strategic decisions, business model, the upgrading of consumption and intelligent manufacturing and etc to adjust? 19, big monetary policy to inflation or deflation? The market economy will go the way of guo jin min tui mistakes or corporation broke out again. How to seize the new agricultural tuyere, how will the government to lead the people to get rid of the real estate bubble, the debt crisis, environmental crisis and the crisis of excess capacity. Packaging & # 8211; Our strength of 19 large said with the venture experience major professor committee in printing and packaging printing and special technology, digital printing, and application of continuous breakthrough. Held on the above summary of 19 large for manufacturing industries, including printing and packaging industry, to see the new opportunities and new hope. On a new history node again, how to draw the new blueprint of enterprises in the next decade, become the enterprise executives ahead of top priority. Packing also will follow the party's footsteps, with the strength in custom box industry the most of yourself, serve the people.
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