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185 dollars a Prada paper clips would you like to buy it - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
$185 a Prada paper clips would you like to buy it is well known, luxury for countless women with deadly sort of magic, but ordinary OL tend to live frugally save for a few months salary to bring home the latest CHANEL handbags, the in the mind also afraid. Entry-level luxury goods is very good to cater to the many OL to luxury consumption and afford the in the mind. Paper clips was invented in 1867. This little thing is not only the home travel good parts, and the special price is economical. In the United States, can buy 100 $3. More obligations in China commodity city, 3. 7 yuan can buy 200. Made in China yiwu paper clips so cheap ordinary things, a lot of people might not pay attention to it. Last week, Prada has launched a special paper clips. To make something special just because it is in addition to expensive, made from pure silver, size of 156. 25 px×56。 25 px, printed on the Prada, with the ordinary paper clips. Prada paper clips not social networking sites for this kind of Prada, paper clips, have raised the new round of debate on the war. Some people think that $185 to buy a entry-level luxury goods is very good, Prada product! Besides the somebody else is paper clip shape wallet website profile. 185 dollars can enjoy Prada products, service experience Prada, so why not? More netizens are poking fun at this product. 180 dollars can buy a Prada purse, why buy this paper clips! 吗? More net friend sharp comments on: 'Prada paper clips as long as you $185. Although it can be used to clip your money oh, after you buy the stuff is no money for it. 'Also have a net friend:' I am particularly looking forward to one day be able to be afford a Prada paper clips rich man. 'So would you be willing to pay $185 for a paper clip? Packaging, as a professional packaging customization enterprise for more than 20 years has been with a big world, it is said that the most tiny things often test process, packing in addition to the main clothing box, etc. , a series of luxury accessories packaging is praised by many big. If you have related needs, please feel free to contact us!
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